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Funny Lottery Scratcher Ticket I Love Scratchin Throw Pillow

Original price was: $21.99.Current price is: $19.99.

Introducing the “I LOVE SCRATCHIN’ OFF” throw pillow – the perfect addition to your cozy space for all the lottery ticket aficionados out there! This throw pillow captures the essence of the scratch-off experience with its groovy retro font and a playful twist.


The design features the words “I LOVE SCRATCHIN’ OFF” in a vibrant and nostalgic font, while the ‘OFF’ peeks out from behind a silver scratcher dust pattern. It’s like having the excitement of scratching off those state lottery tickets right in the comfort of your own home, minus the mess!

Add a touch of humor and a dash of retro flair to your living space with this unique throw pillow. Whether you’re a dedicated scratch-off enthusiast or you know someone who can’t resist the allure of gas station pit stops for the next batch of tickets, this pillow is a whimsical conversation starter.

Place it on your couch, bed, or favorite chair to showcase your love for the thrill of scratching and reveal your playful side. Embrace the joy of potential big winnings without leaving the comfort of your home – all with the “I LOVE SCRATCHIN’ OFF” throw pillow!